Eslabón Armado Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics English

Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics English – Jugaste y Sufrí” is a poignant Mexican ballad performed by the popular group Eslabón Armado. The song revolves around heartbreak, and every aspect of the composition deeply resonates with the audience. If you comprehend the Spanish language, you would understand the emotional depth of this songs. The phrase “Jugaste y Sufrí” means “You Played and I Suffered,” and the track was released in 18 December 2020. It climbed to the fifth position on YouTube in Mexico and sixteenth on Apple Music in the United States.

This song is perfect for listening to when you are in pain, and it can bring tears to your eyes. When Pedro Tovar sings the verse, “Tu amor es veneno y más y yo siento un dolor, en mi alma Pero con calma,” he intends to convey that “Your love is poison and I feel even more pain in my soul, but calmly.” This phrase encapsulates the depth of sorrow conveyed in the song. Whenever I listen to this track, I am immediately touched by its emotional intensity. If you can connect with a song like this one, it’s a testament to its beauty. Today In this post we will translate the lyrics of “Jugaste y Sufrí” in English.

About “Jugaste Y Sufrí” Song –

SongJugaste Y Sufrí
English TitleYou Played and I Suffered
ArtistEslabon Armado and DannyLux
AlbumCorta Venas
GenresRegional Mexican
LyricsDaniel Balderrama
LabelDEL Records
Release DateDecember 18, 2020
Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics English
Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics English

Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics English

(Eslabon Armado)
Im not mad at you anymore
I just watch and think
Disappointed me

And i get further away from you
Because i don’t want to suffer anymore
I want to be happy

Your love is poison and more
And i feel a pain, in my soul
But with calm

I open my phone
And see you were with another
How i feel

I call you to confirm
But you don’t want to answer
You kill me

I don’t know what was the reason
If i was giving you, all of my love
Im destroyed

I had faith in you
But you played and i suffered
Im actually doing bad

I never lied to you
You were my whole world
And the truth is
You left me at zero

(Eslabon Armado)
All of my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?

(There you go littlе girl)

(Or not? My friend Danny)

Mate Pedro

My heart isn’t the same anymore
A wound that is fatal
I will not love again

(Eslabon Armado)
I cry when it rains
Cause when i do, no one can hear me
I drown in my tears

I don’t feel better
But the body gets used to it
With a bottle or with two, with that i forget you

(Eslabon Armado)
And now i say good bye
I wasted my time with you
I see a future
But its not you and me

All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?


I hope you have liked Jugaste y Sufri Lyrics English. Eslabón Armado, a popular Mexican musical group, released the heart-wrenching song “Jugaste y Sufri”. The group was founded in year 2017 by three teenage friends from Mexico – Pedro Tovar as the soloist, Brian Tovar on bass and Damian Pachecho on requinto guitar. Ulises Gonzalez plays the acoustic guitar, while Gabriel Hidalgo was a former member of the groups.

Their music reflects regional Mexican musical culture, blending vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and basses. Despite being a young groups, they have topped the Mexican charts numerous times, thankss to their songs, which are packed with profound meaning, and relatable themes. “Jugaste y Sufri” is one such song that has captured the heart of many with its emotional lyrics.

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